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Viet Namese Precision  

Already a hit in the USA, Australia, Canada and Asia - Precision Nails are set to take the UK by storm with their stunning collection of irresistible nail colours and delectable treatments to keep your nails in pristine condition.

With cheeky names from ‘Peekaboo Pink’, ‘Baby Rock’, ‘Champagne Supernova’ to  ‘Material Girl’ and ‘Miami Heat’ this gorgeous on trend nail collection that comprises of a palette of 80 harmonious Precision Nail Lacquers and Treatments is a ‘must have’ for show stopping nails that gleam and shine!

Created by Californian based Nail Experts - Lamoon Beauty,(Lamoon means ‘the moon’, as in the shape of our nail beds) Precision Nail’s have been formulated using the finest ingredients for an unbelievable gloss shine and are free of harmful ingredients, such as TOLUENE, FORMALDEHYDE, and DIBUTYL PHTALATE (DBP).

The very beginning……

Over 20 years ago, Lamoon opened their first nail salon precedent to a booming nail care industry. They saw a need for an affordable, yet high quality nail product line. As they were frustrated by the lack of poor quality in nail tips and products, so they took matters into their own hands. Inspired by the anatomy of our nails, they created Lamoon Beauty Products. In translation, Lamoon means “the moon”, as in the shape of nail beds.

Over the years, Lamoon have created and manufactured lines of nail products, ranging from nail tips, nail powder systems, nail treatments, nail wraps, and more. The main ingredient for their products has always been one thing, and that is high grade quality.

Today, we can see the beauty industry has jumped ten times fold. The fashion industry has made us aware of ourselves from head to toe. Nails spas, manicures, pedicures, and healthy nails are all the rage now. As the company progresses into the new age of beauty, Lamoon have created products just for that reason.

Their newest line that was created 4 years ago, Precision Nail Lacquer, and has been formulated with high quality ingredients and are 3 Free: Free of Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP, which has been known to cause cancer and birth defects. Currently there are 117 nail lacquer shades and they are continuously launching new collections. They have also created Precision Nail Treatments to help nails get healthy and vibrant, since nowadays, it’s all about being healthy and looking good.

‘We spoke with nail technicians all over and listened to their needs of what they were looking for in a nail polish.  With countless designs, studies, and formulations, we came up with an exclusive patent bottle for easy handling and to distinguish our nail lacquer from other companies.  Our nail polish handles were created with a special pattern for easy gripping and comfort.  Even our brush strands are silky fine yet resilient in shape for a smooth and ease or application.

Not only our products are made and sold in USA, but our products can be found in various countries such as United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Thailand, Singapore and Korea.  The Precision Nail Lacquer has done so well overseas that our nail polish bottles have been nominated in Denmark for Best New Nail Lacquer Packaging.’ Lamoon Beauty Product Inc.