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More tools and accessories available here

Cuticle Pusher No.1 £3.00

Cuticle Pusher No.2 £3.00

Cuticle Pusher No.3 £3.00

Powder Jar

Liquid Jar

Small Liquid Jar and Small Powder Jar
£7.00 for a set of 2

Non-leaking bottle for liquids, 100ml
£1.00 each

100 jars for 20

White jar for powders or gels.
£1.00 each

100 jars for 20

Finger Rest
£4.00 for 5
    *Please note, colours may vary

Rubber Nail Polish Holder x2

*Colors/style may vary*

KDS Lab Liquid Styptic - Antiseptic

Disposable Face Masks
£5.00 per box

Latex Gloves
Available sizes: Small, Medium

Nail Files
Available Sizes:
Extra Coarse 80/80,
Medium 100/100

Practice Finger
£1.00 each






Pink Tip Cutter

- Makes round, straight and well cuts.
- Tip trapper safely catches nails clippings.
- Can be safely disinfected in sterilizing solution.

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