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Viet Namese Precision CatalogUV LAMP
Welcome to Bluesky Gel Polish, 10 ml each bottle

Import by VBNAILS .


BLZ Collection (48)

CS Collection (61)

405 Collection (39)

5A Collection (99)

805 Collection (25)

Neon Collection (24)

TC Collection (51)
BLZ Glitter   CS Colour Gel   405 Collection   AAAAA ColLection     805 Collection    Neon Collection    Temperature change

VB  gels polish 4 each click in for more







PHONE 07809767036 FOR  DISCOUNT when buy more than 20 bottle big DISCOUNT when buy more than 100 bottle

BLUESKY Gel UV Nail Polish Varnish Soak Off All Colours or  Top or  Base Coat are  £3 each.

(tempeture Change color  ) TC collection  3

Order Form click in the picture

BLUESKY GEL™ COMPANY produces and manufacturers its own

 brand of hybrid gel polishes.

Bluesky Gel Polish™ is a fully registered trademark


- 14-day high-gloss wear   

- Mirror Finish

- Zero Dry Time   

- No Nicks, Chips or Smudges  

- Featuring UV technology  

- On like polish, wears like Gel, Off in minutes  

- Provides a revolutionary new colour service for nails  

- FREE from Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)

How to Apply Bluesky Gel Polish

- We recommend that you use Nail Primer or Bond Aid before application

of polish or artificial nails.

- File, buff and clean nails   

- Apply Bluesky Base Coat and cure under UV Nail Lamp (36 Watts or higher) for 2 minutes  

- Apply 1st coat of Bluesky Gel Colour and cure under UV Nail Lamp for 2 minutes

- Apply 2nd coat of Bluesky Gel Colour and cure under UV Nail Lamp for 2 minutes

- Apply Bluesky Top Coat and cure under UV Nail Lamp for 2 minutes  

- To finish off, gently wipe nails with cotton pad soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol to remove tacky layer

How to Remove Bluesky Gel Polish   

- Soak nails in a glass bowl filled with a small amount of pure acetone, or wrap each nail in cotton pad soaked with pure acetone for around 5 to 10 minutes   

- Product will start to become soft and you can gently file it away or slide it off using a small wooden stick