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Welcome to Precision Nail Lacquer.

PHONE 07809767036 or E-mail: for more information

Nail salons wholesale price order.

Original Precision

Seasonal Colors

Precision Treatment

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Purple Posh
Product code: P480
Shine, Wine 'n' Dine
Product code: P481
Ruby Red Slippers
Product code: P490
Twinkle Toes
Product code: P491
Product code: P500
Romeo & Juliet
Product code: P510
Wizard Of Oz Zie
Product code: P520
Charity Ball
Product code: P530
Scarlet Letter
Product code: P531
Sophia's Siren
Product code: P540
Glass Of Bordeaux
Product code: P550
Swan Song
Product code: P600
Rock Steady
Product code: P610
Bada Bing Cherry
Product code: P620
Miami Heat
Product code: P630
Love You Long Time
Product code: P640
Saturday Night Fever
Product code: P650
Coral My World
Product code: P651
Confuschia Says
Product code: P660
A Woman's Intuition
Product code: P670

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