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Welcome to Precision Nail Lacquer.

PHONE 07809767036 or E-mail: for more information

Nail salons wholesale price order.

Original Precision

Seasonal Colors

Precision Treatment

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Pandora's Box
Product code: P680
Material Girl
Product code: P690
Raspberry Beret
Product code: P700
Furple Fusion
Product code: P710
Open Say's A Me
Product code: P720
Long Island Ice Tea
Product code: P730
100% Cashmere
Product code: P740
Sticky Caramel
Product code: P750
Fairytale Ending
Product code: P800
Ballerina Slippers
Product code: P810
Purple Haze
Product code: P820
80's Purple
Product code: P830
Sugar Plum Fairy
Product code: P840
Twilight Zone
Product code: P841
Purple Rain
Product code: P850
Purple Hooter
Product code: P860
Lilly of the Valley
Product code: P870
Harold & Mauve
Product code: P880
Indian Summer
Product code: P890
Brownie Points
Product code: P900

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