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Precision Treatment

Cuticle Groomer
"Cuticle Groomer grooms your cuticles into knockout beauties. No need to cut and damage cuticles anymore.
Just brush on the Cuticle Groomer and watch them turn into cutie-cles!"

  - Apply Cuticle Groomer to cuticles and use a cuticle stick to unveil manicured cuticles.

Nail Replenisher with Calcium
"Nail Replenisher is a Calcium and Vitamin B12 enriched treatment that can be used on natural or finished nails.

Nail Replenisher contains Aloe Vera extract that helps revitalize and promote healthy and stronger nails. It even helps adhere nail polish for a chip free look. Now that's a combo deal!"

  - Recommended to use Precision Chipping Stopper on clean nails first.
  - Then apply Nail Replenisher as a base coat.
  - Next, apply nail polish and top coat to enjoy a chip free zone!

Polish Chipping Stopper
"Use Precision Polish Chipping Stopper as Primer for natural nails to prevent chipping and peeling so that nail polish adheres better and stays longer."

  - Clean Nails.
  - Apply Precision Polish Chipping Stopper.
  - Apply Precision Base Coat.
  - Apply Precision Nail Lacquer.
  - Apply Precision Top Coat.

Smooths out nail ridges and grooves for a smooth nail polish look. Non-DBP Formula.

"Our milky Ridgefiller helps fill out nail ridges and bumps for a smooth nail polish look. So sit back and enjoy the smooth ride ahead.

  - Apply to uneven nail beds prior to nail polish.
  - May be used in conjunction with Strengthening Base Coat.