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Welcome to Shellac CND Nails gels  Polish.


100 % Authentic CND Shellac from USA sale with original box with CND code

Choose from 7.3ml CND Shellac ORIGINAL Top Coat, Base Coat, Top & Base Coat Set

 or XPRESS5 Top Coat & Base Coat Set

Also available Base Coat 12.5mL, ORIGINAL Top Coat 15mL, XPRESS5 Top Coat 15mL

PHONE 07809767036 or email for full color list update  CND Shellac UV Nail Polish Varnish Soak Off All Colours 10 FREE  delivery 

CND gel 10 each
   free delivery quick send out .note or text the color you choose when or after payment



( buy 10 bottle will have 1 base varnish  or  top  varnish  OPI free )

 Top coat , Base Coat  from £10 for 7.3ml   . 17 for 12.5ml .phone 07809767036 for  BIG Discount price for full set CND GELS .

Quick Tips for successful use of CND Shellac:

Meet The UV Lamps With CND Shellac

Click for full color update more than 124 colors

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click on pictures for larger images

118. Vexed Violette

78. Overtly Onyx

87. Pretty Poison

119. Water Park

05. Azure Wish

61 Limeade

47. Grape Gum

37. Faux Fur

108. Sugared Spice

60. Lilac Longing

62. Lobster Roll

69. Midnight Swim

48. Grapefruit Sparkle

82. Pink Bikini

73. Naked Naivete

06. Bare Chemise

13. Blush Teddy

12. Blue Rapture

41. Fragrant Freesia

77. Nude Knickers


21. Clay Canyon

75. Night Glimmer

94. Rouge Rite

81. Peacock Plume

39. Field Fox

27. Dandelion

100. Satin Pajamas

09. Beckoning Begonia

25. Creekside

26. Crimson Sash

70. Mint Convertible

63. Locket Love

110. Sun Bleached

84. Plum Paisley

64. Lost Labyrinth

123. Wisteria Haze

28. Dark Dahlia

33. Desert Poppy

92. Rose Brocade


113. Tinted Love

120. Wild Moss

97. Safety Pin

112. Tartun Punk

57. Indigo Frock

40. Fine Vermillion

98. Sage Scarf

86. Powder My Nose



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