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Welcome to Shellac CND Nails gels  Polish.


100 % Authentic CND Shellac from USA sale with original box with CND code

Choose from 7.3ml CND Shellac ORIGINAL Top Coat, Base Coat, Top & Base Coat Set

 or XPRESS5 Top Coat & Base Coat Set

Also available Base Coat 12.5mL, ORIGINAL Top Coat 15mL, XPRESS5 Top Coat 15mL

PHONE 07809767036 or email for full color list update  CND Shellac UV Nail Polish Varnish Soak Off All Colours 10 FREE  delivery  ,
CND gel 10 each
   free delivery quick send out .note or text the color you choose when or after payment


( buy 10 bottle will have 1 base varnish  or  top  varnish  OPI free )

 Top coat , Base Coat  from £10 for 7.3ml   . 17 for 12.5ml .phone 07809767036 for  BIG Discount price for full set CND GELS .

Quick Tips for successful use of CND Shellac:

Meet The UV Lamps With CND Shellac

Click for full color update more than 124 colors

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08. Beau

11. Black Pool

23. Cocoa

22. Clear Pink

24. Cream Puff

38. Fedora

55. Iced Cappacino

56. Iced Coral

46. Gotcha

50. Hollywood

52. Hot Chillis

53. Hot Pop Pink

54. Hotski to Tchotchke

67. Masquerade


74. Negligee

89. Red Baroness

90. Rock Royalty

91. Romantique

93. Rose Bud

106. Strawberry Smoothie

114. Tropix

116. Tutti Frutti


24. Asphalt

88. Purple Purple

107. Studio White

71. Moonlight Rose

124. Zillionaire

20. City Scape

30. Dark Lava

run out stock

45. Gold VIP Status

95. Rubble

101. Silver Chrome

102. Silver VIP Status

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