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- Portable Hydra Jet
- Spa Massage Chair
- Spa Salts
- Spa Massage Parts
- Spa Setup Instructions


Spa Chair
Spa Parts

Spa Setup

Portable Spa

Spa Salts

We provide warranty for the massage chair and spa,
all electrical and mechanical parts, excluding normal
wear and tear and man-made damage.


Pipeless jet air pump
£70. 90mm diameter hole fitting

Circuit box 220 volt inlet. Outlet.220V with air switch for jet pump + drainage pump +outlet 12V for lamp

Circuit box


Led lamp, 7 color change. 12 volt £15 without transformer.

with transformer 20

Air safety electric switch.
35mm diameter fitting, £10

4 way hot cold mixer
50 mm diameter fitting. £30

Massage chair remote control.
8 pin, £50

Shower Hand, £15


Water drainage pump, 220 volt.
38mm diameter inlet, 30mm outlet. £80

Glass bowl on sale £120

Spa Remote 40

Comes with Spa Model VB 2020

Seat leather Cover + Cushion
cappuccino/black/red no logo

Seat leather




Remote control holder 20.00

Drain system spa 35

spa mixer 2in 2 out 30
50 mm diameter fitting. £30

shower spray H 12

shower spray H

shower spray H 12

shower spray H

Brand new MAIN PCB circuit control board

for massage chair that was sold by VBNAILS

VB2011 VB2012

Please contact me if you have any questions


MAIN PCB circuit




Magnetic  Model: F09C 90mm.220volt diameter hole fitting  100  .

Magnetic F09C



100  .   220volt